Eva and Chrystal talk about comics, tv, movies, and the fun people they’ve interviewed since we started this podcast, as well as the future of gals of geekdom, and what the show looks like going forward. We had a ton of fun recording this. It’s a great show.

Guest: Eva Webb

Bio: Eva Webb is a comics and genre historian, focusing on the weird and the interesting. Presently serving her sixth term as the dually elected antifascist nerd queen of Twitter. She’s the host of Titular Characters but she can also be found on the Nerdfect Strangers Podcast.

Eva can be found on twitter @EvaIsAdorable

Her other podcast, Titular Characters can be found anywhere you listen to podcasts, as well as https://characters.evawebb.me

Author Profile

Chrystal Williams
Chrystal Williams
Chrystal is a writer from Los Angeles California that has dedicated her life to her geeky traits and has written for popular publications in the past, but currently spends her time contributing to her own personal Medium account. Follow her on Twitter @chrystalwrox